Out of Africa photo shoot

2 July




Cubism workshop 26 Oct or 3 Nov




2018 VSS year programme


A photographic excursion to Botshabelo, a historical village situated 5km from Middelburg.

Photography of models in contemporary settings, themes and outfits: Game of Thrones, Gatsby and post apocalyptic.

Available light with 'real time' fill-light also using grey-card and incident light readings. Guided instruction on sets.
Shoots will take place in- and outdoors, using the antique architecture and interior, VSS will supplement interiors to offer a contemporary backdrop in keep with themes. Styling, props special effects (smoke etc) and placement of models will be demonstrated.
The Botshabelo masterclass workshops have become a photo team-build experience of note. The old students and some 'really old' students join in to make it a fun weekend, all photographers and friends are welcome. However, we plan to make this an exclusive event, therefore photographers will be limited,

Feedback on this fantastic event will follow soon.