Week 1.1
1.1a Theory on darkroom (1st evening)
a) The wet bench, materials and equipment.
b) The dry bench and equipment.
c) Photogram.
d) Pinhole.
1.1b Assignment
Research and prepare for photogram, take photo with pinhole supplied by VSS.

Week 1.2
1.2a Processes and implementation
(2nd evening)
a) Implement film processing- Develop pinhole film and make contact print.
b) Familiarise with assigned enlarger in darkroom- Create photogram, expose, test and print final on photographic paper.
c) Photogram.
d) Pinhole.
1.2b Assignment
Available light photography with 35mm film. camera (VSS can supply camera), and do exposures for zone system calibration on grey card.

Weekend 1.3 Process and print film (Sat)
a) Process film with fine grain developer.
b) Do zone calibration on process using fibre based paper.
c) Contact print available light photos.
d) Evaluate and enlarge chosen images using various contrast papers.

Weekend 1.4 The fine print (Sun)
a) Do archival A3 final prints on fibre based paper for exhibition.
c) Use dodge and burn technique.
b) Tone and prepare (mount) prints.

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Visual Skills School Darkroom course large format camera


This course is aimed at the discerning photographer who practises photography as an art form with the printed image as a testimony to the photographer’s creativity.
The archival darkroom print is the most acceptable medium to represent the photographer/artist at art galleries worldwide.
The course is conducted over 2 weeks at VSS Creative College, Pretoria which boasts the biggest comprehensive B & W darkroom in SA.
Because of the intensity of course we can only accept 6 delegates.
Course is presented by Hein Waschefort


Duration of Study: 2 Weeks. A preliminary meeting is held at the beginning of the course. The program, dates and times are discussed and organised according to students’ needs.The B & W Darkroom Course is conducted two nights per week from 18h00 until about 21h00. Practical sessions are extended to Saturdays and Sundays – studio, location and field trips.
This course includes:

Course dates:
18 November - 30 November.
Sound knowledge of photography.
Photoshop literacy.
Fees: R2 750.00 all inclusive.
Studio, darkroom, digital darkroom (computer room), mount-board cutter, pool of film cameras and accessories. The studio and darkroom can be booked at any time for extra work.
Completed registration form. Proof of payment will secure your place on this course.
For availability contact [email protected]

Please confirm availability with Hein [email protected]



Week 2.1
2.1a Theory on large format
(3rd evening)
a) The 4x5 monorail view camera and movements.
b) A look at large format portraiture.
c) A look at large format landscape (Ansel Adams).
d) Digitising large format analogue.
2.1b Assignment
Prepare for large format studio character portrait.

Week 2.2
2.2a Practical(4th evening)
a) Set up 4x5 large format camera in studio
b) Determine exposure according to zone calibrations.
c) Shoot character portrait.
d) Pinhole.
2.2b Theory
a) Filters for monochrome landscape.
b) Exposure for monochrome landscape.

Weekend 2.3 Large format landscape (Sat)
a) Early morning shoot with large format camera on location (landscape).
b) Develop and print large format photo on fibre based paper.
c) Tone print (optional).
d) Digitise large format negative on high end scanner.

Weekend 2.4 (Sun)
a) Early morning shoot with large format camera on location (buildings) using tilt and shift techniques.
b) Develop and print large format photo on fibre based paper.
c) Prepare and present portfolio. 6 hand printed exhibition photos (mounted).