8h00: Arrive coffee and muffins.
08:30-10:00: Philosophy and history of surrelism, artists and photographers who worked with a surrealist approach.
10:00-10:30: Tea
10:30-12:00 Photo shoot- Photograph portraits and splashes for multi image references in Photoshop - make use of green screen in studio.
12:00-13:00: Lunch.
13:00-15:00 Photoshop tutorial- easy layering using; animal (from your image bank), landscape (from your image bank) and liquid and or portrait from earlier photoshoot. Get rid of white lines around image layer. Work with latest CC functions and tools
15:00-15:30: Tea/wine snacks etc.
15:30-17:00 Photoshop tutorial- multi platform image generation and specialised filters to create surreal images from portraits. Apply techniques on own photos to produce post modern creative image for the galleries.


Revisiting surrealism and advanced Photoshop

Hein Waschefort-Where the moon and tusks collide

Hein Waschefort-The eye of Spitspoppen

Hein Waschefort-gannet world final

Hein Waschefort--On the Origin of Species



Photoshop 2 - 15 Sep 2019

A follow up on the Photoshop 1 with more advanced functions and idea generation.

A look at the work of great artists and
photographers. Choose, identify and plan own concepts. Take concept photos (with a selection of models, props and settings).
PHOTOSHOP Learn to implement concepts, appropriation and ultimately create images which represent ‘visual art’ rather than only photography.

Course is conducted by Hein Waschefort
This course is aimed at artists and creative thinking photographers.

On confermation notes on what to bring will be send. Only the first 10 applicants will be considered. Please confirm availability with Christine [email protected]