2014 winners


Please mail all entries to [email protected] Entries can also be hand delivered on CD or stick to Visual Skills School Pretoria North.

Members may enter up to eight entries with a maximum of four in any category. Over and above digital entries two hand prints may be entered every month. Any photo scoring less than 8.5 points will not be recorded as points to the photographer.

All entries must comply with the following file naming convention.
The file name must be in 3 groups.
Group 1: The reference letter of the section being entered followed by the number of the image in this group.
ag=avant garde (contemporary/creative on steroids)
nc=nature colour
nm=nature monochrome
oc=open colour
om=open monochrome
pj=photo journalism (no manipulation)
pc=camera phone

Group2: The entrant’s name truncated to a maximum of 18 characters, e.g.: Johan Botha
Group 3: The title of the image, e.g.: Blue heron at dawn
The groups must be separated by a dash (-)
Note that only numbers and letters may be used and no special characters, e.g.: &"?# @ ^ ”
An EXAMPLE of a correctly named file is as follows:

n1-Hein Lass - Blue heron at dawn

This is also what will appear under your photo on the web site.

How to Resize Files

All entries must be resized to a maximum of 1024px on the horizontal axis and a maximum 768px on the vertical axis.
Files must be saved in the Jpeg format. An extract from Visual Skills School's lectures on how to resize and frame in Photoshop and Photo Paint can be viewed at "PDF"

PRINTS: The maximum size of a print is 400mm X 500mm with the mount, prints do not have to have mounts. The name of the author should not appear on the front of a print.

Bits and pieces



Judging criteria for club

Judging art is very subjective that is why 3 judges are used at club meetings. Judges should preferably be photographers or artists of standing and the panel should be made up of judges with various specialties. In order to have some consistency in judging club members' work, the following guidelines should be applied by judges:

Scoring: Each judge awards a score of 0 to 5 to the photograph. The points are based on the following criteria: Below average: 0 to 2 Out of focus (unless intentionally) Over or under exposed Little impact or imagination Happy snap type photograph Not relevant to the category entered   Average: 3 Technically correct (focus, exposure, etc) Good colour for subject and background Little impact or imagination Relevant to the category entered   Above average: 4 Technically correct Good presentation Good composition Good pictorial content Tells a story or creates a mood High impact on viewer Exemplifies the category entered   Outstanding: 5 “Wow”, “knocks your socks off” quality image Technically correct in all respects Outstanding composition Tells a complete story or mood High impact on viewer at first sight Exemplifies the category entered An image that will sell or that you would like to own

Judging Critique Be positive - you are looking at someone's pride and joy, say what's good and then comment on what can be improved Don't find fault – you don't have to find something wrong. If it is a below average photo make suggestions on how to improve it. If it is kick ass, then say so Personal bias - Don't inject your personal bias into the judging and critique of the photograph. We all know that babies and bunnies are cute, but a landscape is just as beautiful and should be given the same respect. This is probably the hardest thing to leave behind when you judge, you must be fair. If you have a personal problem with the photographer or with the subject matter, refrain from judging the photograph and award your point as the average of the other 2 judges.

Photo Challenge Camera Club (PCCC) is affiliated with the



For more info, go to http://www.pssa.co.za/


Next Club meeting Friday 5 December 2014

The judges will be:

October points and winners photos are up.



Lion and Rhino Park day trip for PCCC members and VSS students

Sunday November 22 -

7h00 Meet at Egin on Krugersdorp highway coffee etc.

8hoo enter L&R take slow drive to predator gate and enter at 8h300 (when they open) to visit Lion (including white lions), wild dog & cheetha areas.

Hein Waschefort-Rhino and Lion Park  1

Tansverse rest of park to photograph wildlife including sable, roan,rhino and buffalo with visit to vulture restaurant.

Hein Waschefort-Rhino and Lion Park  2

Braai at tourist centre and visit pens with tigers, panthers, jaguar and more, perhaps also see a Cheetha run while having lunch

Hein Waschefort-Rhino and Lion Park  3

Slow trip through park and then visit Tiger and lion pens on foot. Relax next to hippo pool to capture the yawning hippos.

Hein Waschefort-Rhino and Lion Park 4

all photos taken by Hein W at L&R Park on similar trips


VSS workshop The October club and VSS 'New Town Shoot' was the best of the year (as was promised)- here (taking a break at New Town) fltr: Jessica Scott (model) Anton La Grange (the boss) Alda Waddel (new member) Ignet Du Plessis (model) and Rick Venter (an initiate in model shoots, in his own words "with this I feel like a virgin")

Hello all PCCC club members

See you all SOON. Anton